Recipes using cooked steak

I like to have a flat-iron steak cut of meat on hand in the freezer. It thaws easily, and cooks really fast.

You can do so much with this cooked steak, as is or by adding a few more flavorings. I like to use it as a topping on homemade pizza, stuff it into a quesadilla, jazz it up with spices, chopped tomatoes, onions and peppers, and smoke it to result in tandoori or stir fry beef, or even mix in arabic spices and serve it as a shawarma filling.

These are a few of the things I’ve made with some leftover steak slices:

1. One of my favorite things to eat is cheese steak sandwiches. Mix some cooked steak slices with bell peppers and onions. Add in some salt , pepper,  red pepper flakes amd a dash or oregano. Melt some cheese on a toasted bun, top with the steak veggie mix. Devour!


2. My kids love wraps for their school lunch. Fill a tortilla with some steak and greens, add some mayo or hummus. Serve with a couple of sides, and they’ll be full till they get home.


3. Steak and eggs make a lovely weekend breakfast. It’s a classic for a reason. I like to layer mine with mushrooms and greens, and top it off with an egg cooked over easy. So so good.10288728_10155396699755114_1932821266634311374_n