How to peel a tomato

One day I came across a recipe that called for removing the skin of a tomato. I’ve since started peeling tomatoes for a lot of my sauces and curries. I find that by doing this, it makes the dish come together nicely, and gets rid of those stringy tomato peels that can ruin the mouth-feel of a dish.

This is how its done :

1. Score an X on the bottom of the tomato.IMG_20150316_173640530

2. Bring a pot of water to boil. Place the tomato in the boiling water for one minute, or until the skin starts to pull away from the fruit.IMG_20150316_173920588

3. Remove the tomato carefully, and place under cold running water. Or if you’re boiling several tomatoes, then fill a bowl with cold water and transfer all of them in this bowl.IMG_20150316_174408925

4. Peel tomatoes, chop and use in recipes. IMG_20150316_174951122

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